Need for Speed Hot Lap Competition Results

Need for Speed Hot Lap Competition Results

The results from the Need for Speed Hot Lap Competition are in! We had a lot of entries into the Hot Lap contest in the past two week’s but congratulations to Slitch for having the best lap time on Main Street in this competition. Check out his run in the video above. Very ingenious racing!

Also, congratulations to Neofate for winning the random draw for this competition. Both winners have their choice of a prize but in order for them to get their prize they need to get in contact with me first (hint hint…still waiting).

Pretty successful first Hot Lap on NFS World. We’ll start the next Hot Lap competition later this week. Stay tuned…

That’s Right, New Content is Coming to Need for Speed World

That’s Right, New Content is Coming to Need for Speed World


NFS World has only just launched and we’re already announcing new content!

Initially previewed at Games Com, Need for Speed World will soon be having its first content update, and we’ve taken into account some much requested feedback that we’ve heard from the community. Coming soon, are the following major updates that we’ll be adding to NFS World:

New Game Mode “Team Evade”
There are two pieces of content that the community most frequently asks for us to deliver. One of those is a co-op game mode; so we’re introducing a new multiplayer co-op mode called “Team Evade” We will be releasing additional information soon, but if you want to check out an early version of Team Escape in action check out this video recorded during the NFS community day @ Gamescom.

Performance Customization
The second piece of content that the community frequently asks for is performance customization. Our second piece of content that we will be adding to NFS World is a new slot-based performance customization system! This is something that’s very near and dear to our hearts and we are extremely happy to be introducing this as one of the first major updates to the game. Stay tuned as we will also be releasing additional information about this feature shortly.

Full Day Night Cycle
Eduardo and the team have been working long and hard at getting all the cities in NFS World set up for Night time! Get ready as we bring you night time racing! And if I do say so myself…the World looks brilliant at night. Just take a look at the screen shot at the beginning of this blog.

New Area – Downtown Rockport
We’ll also be adding a new drivable area and with that a bunch of new race events. Downtown Rockport will be opened up to everyone for racing, meeting places and pursuits.

Not sure if you noticed this but the photo above is actually a shot of Downtown Rockport at night.

Community Leaderboards
If you’re interested in seeing who, out of your friends, has the best lap time you’ll soon be able to find out. The community leaderboards will allow you to see how you stand up against your friends or the World. And if that isn’t enough, you can also set up the leaderboards to only show you the stats for those whom you specify. You have full control over who appears on the leaderboard and who does not.

New Cars
As we confirmed in the last episode of Ask Marc; we do have a number of new cars coming and as Marc said, we’ll put the cars in the game as soon as they are ready.

All this great content will be coming very soon and remember, this is only the beginning! We know you’re begging for a date, sorry! Just know you’ll be the first to play it when it’s ready.

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Program hakkındaki yorumlarınız ve bilgi alışverişi için: CHIP Online Forum

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The World-Garage "Rate My Ride" Community Competition

The World-Garage “Rate My Ride” Community Competition


One of the things that we here at Need for Speed strive to do is give a our fan & community sites as much support as possible. So when Fasckira, one of the co-founders of World-Garage, told me about this competition they’re running I was only too happy to share it here.

The World-Garage “Rate My Ride” competition is pretty simple and there are three prizes to be won. The guidelines of the competition are as follows:

1. You must have a World-Garage account in order to participate in this competition.
2. Only one car per contestant, so make sure you submit your best.
3. Upload pictures of your car in the World-Garage Garage (WGG). That meaning HERE.
4. Post a link to the car as a comment on this topic. This is mandatory so we know which one of your cars you’d like to compete with.
5. Contest is open to submissions for two weeks, so make sure you’ve submitted yours by Wednesday September 8th.
6. Voting will be public and last for a week after the competition has ended. I’ll set up a poll in a topic or a blog post where everyone can vote for their favorite entry. (If you’re a contestant, no voting for yourself!)
7. Don’t spam members to vote for you. If you’re reported for spamming, you will be automatically disqualified.

If you would like to participate in this competition then head over to World-Garage and submit your ride. Full details for the competition can be found here.