Guild roles (humor)

2013-01-11-405.jpgI love the Daily Blink, so it's no surprise I like this comic. It really makes me giggle because I have been in raid with every single one of these types of people....regularly. I have run my own raids in the past and it never fails that we have at least one of each of those.

No flying until 90

What do you feel about this rule? They did the same thing in the last expansion, too, where you weren’t allowed to fly until you were max level. The goal is to make sure you really see the new content they've put in. At the same time, it's really, really inconvenient when you're on your 5th or 6th alt and so sick of riding around on a ground mount.


MoP also brought us the monk class. monk_01s.jpgI played through as a Panda Monk during the beta to try out the new Pandaria area and it was pretty fun. I don't think it's a class that I want to play full time, though.

Pet battles

Pet battles were a huge addition to the game when Mists of Pandaria came out. Some people criticize it as being just like Pokemon, but realistically, a lot of people love Pokemon, so is that necessarily a bad thing? It does seem rather time consuming, which I guess is great for the end game when people get super bored with other parts of the game.