Ultima Online

I know that Ultima Online and Lord of Ultima aren’t the same. I couldn’t find an appropriate section for this, though. I have a friend who has an awesome UO shard going right now with hundreds of people playing and I thought people here might be interested to see it: //www.uofreedom.com/IP/Port: logon.uofreedom.com, 2593 (Connect with Razor)It's open to others, so if you're still playing UO, now is the time to meet new people, too.


Do people still do arenas that much? It seems like even my pvp friends tend to just stick with battlegrounds. I don't know if it's because there aren't enough people who want to do arenas together on teams or if arenas just aren't that much fun any more or what.

Raiding in MoP

I’m finding that raiding this expansion is the easiest yet. Basically, so long as you have half a brain and can move your toon out of stuff on the ground, you’re not going to have that many issues with it. Does the lack of challenge frustrate you? Or are you just happy you can make it through more content?