Goley’s First Details

Today’s Facebook post (Turkish), we got some reveals about game. According to post;Game will welcome us with three different mode:

  • 1 vs 1 mode, you can play against people or invite your friend etc...
  • 2 vs 2 mode, 4 different players can play against each other or you can create your room invite friends over
  • League mode with different difficulty levels to (try to be) champion, if you want you can select special manager mode.

Some Q&A From Facebook Page;

  • Will the game be F2P?Yes, it will be free 2 play.
  • I couldn't find the download link where is the download link?Game will be available for download in autumn.
  • How is the player selection? 1vs1 or 2v2 - how the goalkeeper will be handled?Match making will be based on user levels, and in 2v2 matches closest person to the position will control, there will be a live broadcasting soon you'll understand everything.
  • Is the league mode against AI?Yes, you 'll be playing against AI, and rewards will be based on difficulty level you choose.


RIFT 2.3 Hot Fix #12


  • Loyalty: Veteran's Rewards Helm, Pauldrons and Cuirass are now granted as Loyalty Rewards! They can be claimed afer earning 7,000, 21,000, and 42,000 Loyalty respectively.


  • Rare mobs will now be less likely to die unfortunate deaths before players can find them. This should improve the frequency at which these NPCs can be found by dedicated hunters.


  • Quest: Soldier of Pelladane: While the Centurion Enforcer is hijacked, the surrounding Storm Legion mobs become friendly, and quest objects in the scene can no longer be used. In addition, the Enforcer no longer has an AE ability.


  • Strongholds:- Reduced the damage of Usaerol’s Electric Downpour and removed the Dot.- Usaerol will no longer hover at the top of the Stronghold while casting Electric Downpour.
  • Quest: Army Ants: This quest is now a daily. Faction rewards for it has been doubled to compensate.
  • Quest: The Dragon's Teeth: The Doom Warriors in Hive Az'Zgez now have a chance to drop the Dragon's Tooth quest item.


  • Changed Swarmlord Khargorth's Impalers so that they provide a clicky eye glow effect that can function from the wardrobe slot.

Anno Online Open Beta Live



Dear Anno fans,

The wait is over! We are delighted and proud to announce that Anno Online has now entered its Open Beta phase!
Closed beta keys will no longer be required so everyone can join us freely! Spread the word, invite your family and friends and join us on this epic adventure!

Expect the following:

  • No beta key required.
  • No account reset.
  • Awesome Community events every day this week with rubies to win! Our first Event is launched click right here to take part!
  • An exclusive and unique “Closed Beta Statue” will be sent to all Closed Beta participants.
  • You can access the Online shop right here.
  • You will receive the swift and mighty golden ship if you register by May 21st!
  • Click here for the US version, click here for UK version.
  • Our Facebook page and the Forum.

Have fun!

The Anno Online Team