RIFT 2.4: Hotfix #2

GENERAL* Players with low video settings can no longer accidentally walk through solid objects.* The transparency on some in-game objects has been fixed.* Fixed an issue that caused some players to be unable to view their wardrobe.* Previewing glass objects in the RIFT Store no longer sometimes causes visual artifacts.* Fixed an issue that allowed movement during some stun effects. Hold still!* The ground-effect targeting reticle will now be more visible on transparent surfaces.* Players should no longer be occasionally locked out of their own random LFD instances.* Fixed a bug that could (rarely) send players clicking on the "Return to Graveyard" button to the Plane of Water! (This was less exciting than it sounds, because they'd crash due to not having patched the map yet...)* For the select few users that have completed the achievement "Patience is a Virtue", you now have a new option! Under Interface > Display there is a new checkbox that allows you to set your character portrait frame as the rare mob diamond.*RIFT STORE* 2.4 Achievement rewards are now available in the Trophy section of the store. Note that you must have the achievement before you can purchase the items.* Fixed an issue with a few items in the trophy section erroneously being unique!* Players with Storm Legion Souls can once again purchase these items as gifts for their friends who don't yet have the Storm Legion Souls.SOULS MAGE NECROMANCER* Corpse Explosion: A target can now have no more than 3 stacks of Corpse Explosion on them from all enemies total. * Corpse Pile: Now causes Corpse Explosion to deal an additional 25/50% of its damage over 6 seconds to enemies it hits. ROGUEBLADEDANCER* T'Scain's Glowing Bladedancer Crystal: Effect now lasts 24s instead of 21s.WARRIORBEASTMASTSER* Twin Cuts: The bleed portion of this ability now benefits from damage modifications.* Cutting Slash: The bleed portion of this ability now benefits from damage modifications.CHAMPION* Savage Sweep: The bleed portion of this ability now benefits from damage modifications.PALADIN* Light's Balm: Can now crit.* Light's Blessing: Can now crit.REAVER* All Reaver Corruptions are now off GCD.PARAGON* Flurry: Now a 3s channeled ability, down from 6s. Total damage has been reduced. Awards 1 Attack Point every second.* Run like the Wind: Now also increases passive movement speed by 2-6%.* Predictable Movements: No longer a Finisher. Causes the next 3 melee ability attacks to be reflected back against the attacker.* Open the Stream: The bleed portion of this ability now benefits from damage modifications.WARLORD* Tactical Advantage: Now works correctly.* Battlefield Medic: Can now crit.ZONES* The Water Saga quests Joining the Cabal and Initiation should now function correctly for the assault on the Wardstone.EMBER ISLE* The minimum level required for Ember Isle quests has been reduced to 48. STONEFIELD* Quest: Assistance for Granite Falls: Now correctly teleports characters to Coterie Camp.* Quest: Lights Out: This quest is no longer repeatable and now properly rewards coin and XP.** Quest: Troll Bait: This quest is once again available in The Last Valley.*DUNGEONS AND INSTANCESEXODUS OF THE STORM QUEEN* The Blackstorm Vangaurds during the Hot Lead, Cold Steel event should no longer get stuck in the roof. INFERNAL DAWN: LAETHYS * Fixed an issue that could cause Maklamos's Doom to root both players.* The item rewards for completing Monitron On for the first time have been moved to the The Golden Worm instead.* Fixed an issue that could cause players outside Laethys's chamber to trigger a fight reset.INFINITY GATE* Players now have a Leaderboard entry for the Infinity Gate raid.* Added a new achievement, Rapid Assault: Infinity Gate, for players who complete the instance within 32 minutes of activating the gate.* Added a new achievement, Conqueror: Infinity Gate, for completing all achievements in the raid, which grants a Infinity Gate Conqueror's Treasure Box upon completion.* Mordan/Viktus: Trash mobs for the life and death pulls now correctly aggro as a group. * Mordan/Viktus: The trash mobs before this fight no longer respawns.* Volan: No longer spams broadcasts.REALM OF TWISTED DREAMS* Greenscale: Players who successfully became roasted, tenderized and seasoned will now be properly granted the achievement The Perfect Dish.* Greenscale: Pets will now correctly be able to attack Greenscale after he lands.* The jump puzzle reward, Definitely Not A Sinister Companion, is now Bind to Account.* Earning the achievement Conqueror: Realm of Twisted Dreams now grants Companion Pet: Sneeps.* Fixed an issue that would cause players to not obtain the LFD cooldown upon entering the instance via the LFD system.STORM BREAKER PROTOCOL* Quest: Storm the Estate: Now only requires one wave of enemy troops to be defeated defeated before completion.PVP AND WARFRONTS* Set 6 Armor/Weapons can now be Shift-Right Click and consumed to return the amount of Favor it would have cost to purchase them.  - Note: Your inventory screen will need to be open when consuming these items. * Fixed an issue causing bolstering to grant more Valor for rings and essences for players wearing lower ranked gear than the Freelancer's set. CRAFTING* The new augment recipes can be found rarely in expert dungeons as well as strongholds. * The new Epic cape recipes are now significantly more common, and the Relic recipes are now slightly more common.* Recently learned crafting recipes will no longer show in the Store and properly show as learned without having to relog.ITEMS* Frozen Eclipse Stone drop rates for Tier 1 raid bosses have been corrected: 50 from 20-man bosses, and 25 from Sliver bosses.* Reinforced Aggressor's Exalted Parrying Dagger is no longer Unique equip.* Dendrome Raider's Power Cell now has an Empreal Slayer's Mark cost as well as a Credit cost and can be purchased from the Rift Store.* Raid 2 Chloromancer trinket upgrade paths have received the ability upgrades that the cleric trinket set did: - Prophet of the Bleeding Tree - The Screams of the Rising Wind - Light of the Infinite Firmaments* The Survivor Hood can now be worn in a Wardrobe slot by all classes.* Added reward package for new Infinity Gate conqueror achievement.* Added appropriate icon to Snizzip pet.* The few potions whose stack sizes were less than 99 have had their stack sizes increased to 99.

RIFT 2.4: Hotfix #1

GENERAL* The damage and HP of old world (Mathosia/Ember Isle) mobs have been slightly reduced. They are still more difficult than they were before 2.4, just not as difficult.DUNGEONS AND RAIDSSTORM BREAKER PROTOCOL* Fixed an issue that prevented Proximity Mine Autodeployers and Eternal Sentinels from being placed.ITEMS* Procs for the follow essences have been corrected: - Hunt Prime Flamecaller's Rotward - Hunt Prime Mender's Rotward - Hunt Prime Mender's Brimstone UI/SETTINGS* The Multipass Terrain option has been removed, and instead will always be enabled for all characters. There is still an additional optimization ahead.* Known recipes are once more filtered correctly.* Recipes once more display "already learned" on their tooltips.

AMD Catalyst 13.9 Stable Released

AMD finally released their stable drivers after 5 months (13.4), this release is only for HD5000 and higher series. Stable version covers Windows 7, 8 and surprisingly 8.1Release info and versions;Display Driver ver. 13.152OpenCL(tm) Driver ver. 10.0.1268.1Catalyst Control Center ver. 2013.0830.1943.33589You can download newest version here


== FEATURES ==RAID: INFINITY GATEAs the Ascended rush to control the Infinity Gate, its ancient magic stirs to life and summons furious enemies from the planes beyond. Defeat Breaker X1, Swarm Lord Twins Mordan and Viktus, and a Karthan juggernaut to secure the gate and pave the way to Planebreaker Bastion. (Maximum of 20 players.)DUNGEON: REALM OF TWISTED DREAMS A stroke of cosmic unluck has given rise to a nightmarish Realm of the Fae, a dream world where Atrophinius' deepest fears take on physical form and threaten Telara itself. Chimeric versions of familiar foes now await the Ascended, grinding axes (and teeth and claws) for the twisted battles to come. (Maximum of 5 players.)CHRONICLE: INFERNAL DAWNAdventure through an alternate Telara where a victorious Laethys reigns from the depths of her volcanic lair. Sabotage the dragon's plans for invasion by laying low Maklamos the Scryer, Rusila Dreadblade, and Laethys herself! (Maximum of 2 players.)PVP PRESTIGE RANK 90Ascend to new heights of power with PvP Rank 90 armor and weapons.CROSS-SHARD INSTANT ADVENTUREUnite with Ascended from all realms for adventure on-demand! When joining a queue for Instant Adventure, players on PvE shards will only join adventures on other PvE shards.  Players on PvP shards may be sent on adventures on either PvE or PvP shards.NEW HAIRSTYLESThe Barbershop gets a makeover: Choose from new colors and extra hairstyles for your character. Unlocking a pack of hairstyles, hair colors, and skin colors unlocks those options for your entire account.NEW USER EXPERIENCETo improve the New User Experience, we've added:* A new type of quest for Tutorials. These quests are usually given when the character levels up from 8 to 20 and introduces the player to core features of the game such as Instant Adventure, Dimensions, and the Soul Tree. They do not count towards your max quest count and have a different UI when in the quest tracker. * A Help Tip Encyclopedia that can be found under the ? icon on the player menu in the lower left corner of the screen. Here players can search for and read help tips. Players can also view and replay new video tutorials. If you wish to disable all tips, you can do so under Settings>Help.GENERAL* Right clicking on items in your inventory to auto move them to your bank will now make use of your unlocked bank vaults that you are not currently viewing. * Fixed an issue with PvP-shard characters not receiving direct heals while visiting a PvE shard. * Reporting people by clicking on their name in the chat window can not only be used to report spam, but also to report offensive language.* Upgrading a guild dimension will now use funds from the guild bank. * Guild foraging quests with incorrect max levels have been fixed.* Fixed an issue with mind control abilities in dungeon instances sometimes causing players to revert to the wrong faction.* /mentorlevel now supports relative arguments (eg; /mentorlevel +2) so that players could put one in a macros to more quickly get in the action when hopping from zone event to zone event.* Macros will no longer attempt to play once the player logs out.* Blink now works under water. * Lucky coin loot take from mail sent by the Rift Mobile App will now show up in the chat dialog.* The macro @gtae specifier now respects line of sight properly.* Fishing Derby daily quests are no longer timed. More importantly, this means that fishing derby quest progress will not be lost when not logged into the game.RIFT STORE* The store now has a section called Trophies! Only characters that have unlocked specific achievements can purchase items from this section of the store. These trophies are typically bind-on-account items.* Loyalty dimension items are now available on the Rift Store.* Portable Auctioneer is now available in the Services category.* There is now a slider that allows you to scale the size of just the Rift Store under Settings/Display.* Icon overlays are now viewable in the Rift Store; these are the small icons that show which items are upgradable.* Characters that have learned a lot of crafting recipes should see a performance increase when browsing items in the Rift Store.* You can no longer purchase the Storm Legion souls multiple times for yourself.* Cleaned up the ordering of items in Wardrobe -> Premium.* Credit prices for 2H PVP weapons are now twice that of the price of 1H weapons. * Fixed prices on some runes-- thanks for pointing this out on the forums! * Tasuil's World Tree Nectar is now available from the Rift Store and drink merchants.* Swift Platinum Eldritch War Steed Bridle is now purchasable by both factions.SOULS* The following abilities were being incorrectly interpreted as cast time abilities by numerous talents and buffs, and now correctly count as instant or channeled abilities as appropriate: - Archon: Purification - Chloromancer: Soul Tether - Dominator: Death's Edict, Degeneration - Elementalist: Raging Elements - Necromancer: Desecrate, Oblivion, Putrify - Pyromancer: Glyphs of Power - Stormcaller: Electric Charge, Lightning Arc, Static Nova - Cabalist: Tyranny of Death, Unleashed Oblivion, Unbounded Oblivion - Druid: Slumber - Justicar: Absolution - Purifier: Eruption, Fire Wall - Sentinel: Wrathful Exuberance - Warden: Healing Flood, Orbs of the Tide, Orbs of the Stream, Healing Effusion, Pool of Restoration, Shared Excess, Wave of Renewal CLERICCABALIST* Bound Fate: While Obliterate is active, PVP damage is slightly increased.DEFILER* Empowered Affliction: Updated so that it better shows the max health reduction in the health bar.INQUISITOR* Qil's Inquisitor Crystal 2 piece bonus: Now causes Armor of Awakening to increase the Cleric's Spell Power by 100.* Qil's Inquisitor Crystal 4 piece bonus: Now causes casting Scourge to increase damage done by the Cleric's Inquisitor abilities by 400 for 15s.* Qil's Glowing Inquisitor Crystal 2 piece bonus: Now causes Armor of Awakening to increase the Cleric's Spell Power by 115.* Qil's Glowing Inquisitor Crystal 4 piece bonus: Now causes casting Scourge to increase damage done by the Cleric's Inquisitor abilities by 460.PURIFIER* Ward of Flame: Fixed an issue where ranks 1 – 9 were healing for their full value each tick of healing instead of over the duration of the channel.* Flare-Up: Now works correctly with Symbol of the Torch.* Flame Speaker: Now correctly increases the chance for healing and for absorb abilities to critically hit.* Soul Brand: Updated so that it better shows the max health reduction in the health bar.SENTINEL* Nyol's Hope: Now removed if the Cleric dies.SHAMAN* Qil's Shaman Crystal 2 piece bonus: Now causes casting Lightning Hammer to increase damage done by the Cleric's Shaman abilities by 100 for 15s.* Qil's Glowing Shaman Crystal 2 piece bonus: Now causes casting Lightning Hammer to increase damage done by the Cleric's Shaman abilities by 115 for 15s.WARDEN* Dangers of the Deep stacks no longer modify the duration channeled heal over time effects.MAGECHLOROMANCER* Living Infusion: No longer appears in the ability binder. This does not affect how the gift functions.DOMINATOR* Split Personality: The buff can no longer be resisted by the caster.ELEMENTALIST* Updated the models used by the Elementalist's Earth Elemental pets.NECROMANCER* Death's Ally: Now increases all damage, as the description indicates, instead of only Death abilities.ROGUEBARD* Multiple Oscillation: Now off the GCD. MARKSMAN* T'Scain's Marksman Crystal 4 piece bonus: Marksman Finishers now cause the target to be vulnerable, increasing damage taken from Marksman ability attacks by 250 for 10s. No longer increases the damage of procced attacks.RANGER * Blood Raptor model has been replaced with a newer, more epic looking one.* Fleeting Instinct: Other instincts can now be applied while Fleeting Instinct is active.WARRIOR* Passive bonuses from Gifts should no longer be displayed under the buff section of the ability binder.* Planar Attunement: Power cost of Guard has been reduced to 20, down from 35.BEASTMASTER* Calliope's Beastmaster Crystal 4 piece bonus: Enemies affected by the Warrior's Messy Wounds take an additional 500 damage from Beastmaster ability attacks instead of all attacks. No longer increases the damage of procced attacks.* Brutal Strike: Now deals an additional 30% damage per damage over time effect on the target, up to 150%.* Claw Swipe: Is now properly categorized as a Debuff instead of a Buff. As such, its bleed effect will not be removed by Purges. The bleed effect now ignores armor.* Vicious Blow: Now deals an additional 15% damage per damage over time effect on the target, up to 75%.   CHAMPION* Champion characters should no longer retain the old Thunderous Kick ability, which was moved to the Tempest soul long ago.* Calliope's Champion Crystal 4 piece bonus: Using Titan's Strike causes up to 5 enemies within 7m to take an additional 500 damage from Champion attacks for 15s. No longer increases the damage of procced attacks.* Chains of Life: The healing from Chains of Life has been increased.* Weapon Defense: Total amount absorbed has been increased.PALADIN* Calliope's Paladin Crystal 2 piece bonus: No longer increases the damage of procced attacks.PARAGON* Calliope's Paragon 4 piece crystal: Bonus damage dealt has been reduced from 8000 to 6000.* Feint: This ability has been removed.* New ability: Grasping the Horizon: Increases the range of Swift Strike, Setting Moon, Reaping Harvest and all Follow Up attacks by 20m for 10s. 30s cooldown.* Death Touch: Now on a 15s cooldown, down from 30s.* Run Like the Wind: Now also reduces the cooldown of Fleet of Foot by 5-15s.* Way of the Sun: Now stacks with Blade of Elemental Affinity and Recovery Posture.* Shifting Blades: No longer deal reduced damage in PVP.* Weapon Familiarity: Now increases your Attack Power and Weapon Damage by 2-10%.* Wrist Strike: No longer a follow up attack.* Shield of Will: Total amount absorbed has been increased.RIFTBLADE* Calliope's Riftblade Crystal 4 piece bonus: Enemies affected by Rift Implosion take an additional 500 damage from Riftblade ability attacks instead of all attacks. No longer increases the damage of procced attacks.* Blade of Elemental Affinity: Now stacks with Recovery Posture and Way of the Sun.* Scald: Damage dealt has been increased to 6-18% of Attack Power based on Attack Points used, up from 4-12%.* Earth Burst: Now deals damage to up to 5 enemies, up from 3 enemies.* Rift Travel: Now off the GCD.TEMPEST* Calliope's Tempest Crystal 4 piece bonus: Now increases the damage of Tempest ability attacks by 500 instead of all ranged attacks. No longer increases the damage of procced attacks.* Arc: No longer deals reduced damage in PVP.* Amped: Now increases your Attack Power and Weapon Damage by 2-10%.* Jolt: Now off the GCD.* Storm Shield: Total amount absorbed has been increased.VOID KNIGHT* Calliope's Void Knight Crystal 4 piece bonus: No longer increases the damage of procced attacks.* Devouring Blow: Now tagged correctly as an Air damaging attack. Any effects that modify Physical damage will no longer affect it.* Staggering Rage: Now causes Furious Rage to silence the enemy for 4s on a successful interrupt, up from 2s.WARLORD* Calliope's Warlord Crystal 4 piece bonus: Hitting with Piercing Thrust or Wave of Steel causes Empowering Strike, Decisive Strike, A Quick Death, King of the Hill and Breaking Blow to deal an additional 600 damage for 15s. * Recovery Posture: Now stacks with Blade of Elemental Affinity and Way of the Sun.* Thick of Battle: Now reduces damage taken from ranged attacks by 5-15%, up from 3-9%.* Strength of Arms: Now increases your Attack Power and Weapon Damage by 2-10%.* Battlefield Medic: Now off the GCD.ZONES* Level 50+ characters doing Instant Adventure in old world zones will now get loot rewards (chests with gear or sourcestone currency) appropriate to their level.* The damage and HP of all mobs in the old Telara world have been increased, except for raid mobs.* The Epic quest line 'The Saga of Endless' has been cleaned up to address many long standing issues. We have also made changes to allow Defiant players on the quest line to complete dungeon portions of the quest while grouped with Guardian players.* Various quests up through level 20 now offer cloak, ring, and necklace items.  Cloaks are now also offered on some quests from levels 26 to 50.ARDENT DOMAIN* Quest: One Way Thicket: The quest-giving item "The Witch's Head" should no longer drop if you are on or have completed the quest.ASHORA* Increased cost of the porticulum at K'Rom's Fortress to match the cost of other Ashora porticulums.CAPE JULE* Quest: Tempest Bay: You should now be able to upgrade your cloak properly and complete this quest even if you have previously completed the Pelladane quest "God Engine Excursion".CITY CORE* Players who changed faction after completing quests in City Core can now see Salvarola when playing through quests with their new faction.DROUGHTLANDS* Quest: Crocodelicacy: Now requires fewer items to be completed.* Quest: Crocodelicacy: Crocodile catches for Crocodelicacy now reappear much faster.* Mordant Swarmlings no longer award XP or loot when killed.EMBER ISLE* Nykantor Ruins: Defiant resurrection point is no longer guarded by Shadetooth Skulker.GLOAMWOOD* Gloamwood is no longer quite so gloomy. It is now a brighter zone in several areas.* Adjusted quests so that progression through the zone is more streamlined. * The following rare mobs will now steer clear of rifts more often, and will spawn in fewer locations: Zatzak Browncap, Barkeater Bandits, Dozer, Scarbite, Xaksha, Scald, Lunar Shadestalker, Stalker of the Grove, Gnarl Nighthunter, Millrush Moonstalker, and Stalker of Tears.* Achievement: Gloamwood Samaritan: Now requires only 57 quests to be completed. * Achievement: Graveyard Shift is now a Legacy achievement. * Quest: Non-story kill quests in the zone have been converted to Carnage quests.IRON PINE PEAK* The following rare mobs will now steer clear of rifts more often, and will spawn in fewer locations: Dagda Skullthumper, Frostpaw Mauler, Arctic Peakstalker, Frosthide, Swirling Tempest, Mad Hogger, Redsnow Thugs, Blackblood Drake, Netherworld Wanderer, and Razormane.* Mad Hogger will no longer sometimes choose a suicide path through three rifts and into the waiting arms of the Whitefall guards.* Quest: The following quests now require fewer of their required interactions, items, or kills to be completed: - Wildlife Removal - Mercy is for the Weak* Quest: Blood on the Snow: Adjusted number of required kills.* Quest: Conquered Minds & Imprisoned Minds: Decreased the chance of the dominated villagers turning agro and thus awarding no quest credit.KINGDOM OF PELLADANE* Quest: God Engine Excursion: You should now be able to upgrade your cloak properly and complete this quest even if you have previously completed the Cape Jule quest "Tempest Bay".MOONSHADE HIGHLANDS* Quest: The following quests now require fewer of their required interactions, items, or kills to be completed: - Essential Extraction - Umbral Implosion - Doom Abides - A Surge of Sorcery - Tainted Tubers - Into The WoodsMORBAN* Quest: Tax Returns: The quest-giving item "Treasure Map" should no longer drop if you are on or have completed the quest.SCARLET GORGE* Quest: Where Have They Gone?: Updated map marker to be more accurate.SCARWOOD REACH* Quest: The following quests now require fewer of their required interactions, items, or kills to be completed: - Kain's Hunt - Stalking Prey - Drawing The Poison - All Seeing Eye - Dying to Help - Take No Prisoners* Quest: A Temporary Solution: Increased drop chance for Drake Fangs and Basilisk Eyes.* Quest: Merciful Flame: Crematory Torch no longer consumes on a single use.* Quest: A Slight Malfunction: The cooldown for Control Disruptor has been reduced from 20s to 5s.* Quest: Realigned Priorities: The cooldown for Construct Safety Override has been reduced from 20s to 5s.* Shatterbone Hold: Quest givers no longer get continuously pulled into combat. SERATOS* The adventures of Sereborn continue with a new quest chain that begins in The Crawl.SHIMMERSAND* Removed hostile mobs near several graveyards.STEPPES OF INFINITY* Logging out at some spots near the Infinity Gate should not result in the player being teleported hundreds of meters away on login.STILLMOOR* Quest: Evidence of Death: Updated map marker to be more accurate.STONEFIELD* Adjusted quests so that progression through the zone is more streamlined. * Non-planar Rocs in this zone should now be skinnable.* Quest: A Kind of Magnetism: Fixed a bug that could sometimes block this quest's progress. TERMINUS* Parts of this zone have been given a facelift.THE DENDROME* Quest: Life Finds a Way: The Living Seed now has a cast bar when used. Additionally, tooltip text has been added for this item.* Quest: For Science!: Rewards have been corrected.* Quest: Moitiest Motes: Reduced likelihood of getting stuck on tree branches.DUNGEONS AND INSTANCES* Experience granted from Storm Legion dungeons has been increased.* Loot master allocations are now told to all members of the raid within the dungeon.* New artifact sets now drop in all lvl 60 expert dungeons, with new titles for collecting each set.* New cloak recipes can be found on expert dungeon bosses as rare drops.UNHALLOWED BONEFORGE* Necrotic Throne - The wall that surrounds the Necrotic Throne when in combat should come down more reliably when the encounter resets. DEEPSTRIKE MINES* Quest: Reclaiming What's Ours: Guardian players that acquire this Deepstrike Mines quest can now turn-in the quest inside the instance.EMPYREAL CORE* Quest: Investigate the Core: Corrected the map marker location as well as the zone.ENDLESS ECLIPSE* Leaderboards have been added for this raid.PVP AND WARFRONTS* Set 9 armor (Myrmidon) is now available.* Myrmidon's Marks, the new top tier currency, have a weekly cap of 8,700.* Warlord's Marks no longer have a weekly cap.* Warlord's armor and weapons can be upgraded via Myrmidon's Empowered Cells available on the Rift Store and Quartermasters in Tempest Bay. * Selecting a faction in conquest mode is more randomized now. Individual join faction buttons have been removed and a single Join button has been added. If you are grouped then it will attempt to join all of your group members to the same faction.* Fixed an issue with Conquest quest timers disappearing after players leave and re-enter. You can no longer follow other players while in a warfront or conquest map...for real this time. * Players who crash during a random warfront and then reconnect now properly get the random warfront bonus if they win.* Players will no longer be whisked away from warfronts or conquest to be placed in Instant Adventures. (Nor will they be cruelly mentored down and abandoned without a team in a warfront...*malevolent Crucia laugh*)* Fixed an issue with Whitefall Steppes Leaderboards.CRAFTING* The error message for attempting to salvage an item without a high enough skill level is now clearer.* New harvesting Recipes now exist for Grandmasters on the trainer – each new recipe has a 20 hour cooldown.* New cape recipes now exist for Outfitters and Armorsmiths – These recipes can be found in Storm Legion Expert Dungeons as random drops. Epic and Relic versions exist.  * All new cape recipes share a 20 hour crafting cooldown within their specified trade.* New Augment Recipes has been added for all professions. These recipes can be found in Storm Legion Expert Dungeons as random drops, as well as from Strongholds in The Dendrome. Each augment has its own 20 hour cooldown.* New Reagent: Sovereign Solution: May now be crafted by Apothecaries and is used in several new recipes.  rain this at your grand master trainer. This has a 20 hour cooldown.* New Reagent: Infinity Cauldron: May now be purchased for Infinity Stones and is used in several new recipes.* New high-end Seal recipes now exist for all seal-making tradeskills.DIMENSIONS* Placed dimension items that are soulbound due to formerly having a soulbind trigger (bind to account, bind on pickup, etc) can now be picked up by anyone with the appropriate dimension permissons.* NPCs now rarely drop dimension items in the sub-level-60 zones. ITEMSCURRENCY* Frozen Eclipse Stone has been converted into Empyreal Slayer's Marks at a one to one ratio.* Freelancer's Marks have been converted to Freelancer's Marks of Conquest at a ratio of 2:1, rounded up. If you are over the cap after the conversion, you will need to spend Freelancer's Marks of Conquest before any new ones can be obtained.* The weekly cap on Frozen Eclipse Stones is now 6,460.* The weekly on Empyreal Slayer's Marks is now 14,355.RAID TIER ONE* The Desolate armor set is now available for Empyreal Slayer's Marks.* Raid Tier One now awards Empyreal Slayer's Marks primarily, rather than Frozen Eclipse Stone. Bosses and reward chests found in Frozen Tempest, Endless Eclipse, Triumph of the Dragon Queen, and the Dendrome Raiders Cache's now drop Empyreal Slayer's Marks.* A small number of Frozen Eclipse Stones can still be found in the raid zones.* Raid tier 1 bosses now drop Empyreal Slayer's Marks: 400 for 20-mans, 200 for slivers.RAID TIER TWO* The Plane Breaker's armor set has been added to the game for purchase with Frozen Eclipse Stones. It's stats are highly customizable at any time through a series of upgrades and sidegrades, allowing you to customize a set of relic gear for your individualized spec.* A new tier of Synergy Crystals is available in Tempest Bay. It works with armor from Infinity Gate, Planebreaker Bastion and Grim Awakening. GRIM AWAKENING* An upgrade path has been added to all armor from Grim Awakening to allow it to be used with the new tier of Synergy Crystals.* Trinkets from Grim Awakening: 'Empowered' Trinkets from Grim Awakening have been renamed to more thematic names.* A new Relic upgrade tier has been added to the Trinkets from Grim Awakening, increasing the usefulness of the effect. For example: Upgrading the chain-healing trinket, Substantiating Hand of Enrichment, will cause it's heal to leave an additional Heal Over Time Effect on each target. Upgrading the Tanking trinket, The Lightning Shield, will add an increased incoming healing while the shield is active.EXPERT DUNGEONS (LEVEL 60)* The Empyreal Avengers armor set has been added as an upgrade to the Empyreal Marauder's set, allowing players to enter the Raiding tier stronger than previously possible.* All dungeon dropped Epic armor pieces offer an upgrade path to the same tier as the new Empyreal Avengers armor set.* End-Bosses in expert dungeons no longer drop Rare items! These items can be found on other bosses in each respective dungeon.* New Epic items can be found in every Expert Dungeon.* New artifacts can be found dropping in every Expert Dungeon. New achievements and unlockable rewards for this are "coming soon."* New crafting recipes are available as a rare drop from all expert dungeons.WORLD STORE (EXPERT TIER INFINITY STONE GEAR)* The Empyreal Subjugators armor set has been added as an upgrade to the Empyreal Hero's set. Allowing you to AFK in raid rifts like never before.TORVAN HUNTERS* Hunt Prime lesser essences can now be upgraded into greater essences by using the level 60 rare greater essences.* The following Hunt Prime lesser essences have an error in their upgrade paths; this has been corrected and will go live next hotfix: - Hunt Prime Flamecaller's Rotward - Hunt Prime Mender's Rotward - Hunt Prime Mender's BrimstoneSTRONGHOLDS* New augment recipes can be found on Strongholds. CHRONICLES* "Hard Mode" fights in Infernal Dawn: Laethys' defeat awards Empyreal Slayer's Marks.MISC* Ascended's Exalted Poleaxe and Aggressor's Exalted Poleaxe have been reforged as Ascended's Exalted Battle Axe and Aggressor's Exalted Battle Axe to align with their price, hit, and upgrade path.* Equipping the Scourgehide Tunic will no longer sometimes result in an invisible chest.* Fixed an issue prevent Noise Canceling Coating from proccing.* Reawakened Stormshield now absorbs 14,988 damage, up from 11,877.* Fixed an issue where the Empowered Command of the Soul Caller would not work correctly with a newly summoned pet.* When damage over time stacks of Legacy of the Everburning Ashes reaches 3 stacks, the stacks explode, dealing the full damage of each stack instantly to the affected target.* A new icon overlay that shows a small exclamation point on items which give you a quest.* A new icon overlay that shows a small key, this will only display on lockboxes that require a key to open.* Call of the Awakened now has a grace window.* The Exceptional Oilstone description now correctly reports the correct amount of Attack Power that is granted by the item.AUDIO* The drake hover animations now have sound.* Added sound to a Juggernaut death animation.* Mimic Bots now have unique breathing and death sounds.UI/SETTINGS* The character window now lists all the tiers of Notoriety.* Storm Legion souls now have a proper tooltip in the soul respec dialog.* Alt-clicking on items will no longer bring up an upgrade window if the item is not upgradable.* Purchasing a wardrobe slot will now trigger the coin sound and populate information in the chat telling you what you bought and how much you spent.* Fixed a chat console issue that would spam a ton of bonus loot notification lines.* Significant performance improvements made with shadows. If shadows were too slow for you before, try turning them on again! * New Setting: Pixel Granularity: This setting will lower the rendered resolution of the gameworld while retaining a high-resolution UI. This is useful if you want a crisp, easily readable UI with a faster framerate. * The /pixelgranularity command can be used to instantly change the size of the 3d pixels without affecting UI resolution. This will allow players to create an emergency "/pixelgranularity 50" macro.* Item upgrade ingredients can no longer be right-clicked to invoke a cast cursor. The only way to upgrade items now is by alt-left clicking on the upgradeable item and using the dialog.* Resizing the client during a loading screen with Low Quality Renderer enabled should no longer cause a client crash. * New setting: There is now a color blind toggle in Options/Display. Turning it on will: - Add a text description of Item Rarity to Item tooltip rollovers. - Add an item rarity text description to recipe tooltips. - Display recipe difficulty in the Crafting window and Skill Trainer window.* The main map you see when teleporting now shows additional information to help you remember where you wanted to teleport to.* There is now a Rift Store button on the Dimension Bar that is a shortcut to take you directly to the dimension item category in the Rift Store.* Dragging an ability from your Soultree to your action bar while using Storm Legion souls now uses the proper rank you have trained, instead of rank 1.* Fixed an issue with item rollover stats comparison for planar vessels.

RIFT 2.3 Hot Fix #20

GENERAL* Mobile chat should now function again for both Android and iOS versions of the Mobile App.DIMENSIONS* Fished-up dimension items are no longer soulbound.