Balloon Quest

Have you ever considered to have a grumply 😛 little sister wants to play games outside despite her condition? Oh well even if you are not in real you can have one now with Ballon Quest…

Game is platformer type and doesn’t give you 3D, I don’t like giving spoilers about games (unfortunately i had to do it on upside with sister). Game is about your sister’s adventure addiction 😀 and as a good brother to her you took her to an endless adventure. Game doesn’t really have that simple mechanic (compared to Rogue Legacy). You’ll explore places secret items etc…

Description of game via its developers

The Balloon Quest is an upcoming 2,5d platformer featuring a little boy, his sister, her balloon and a big adventure. The game is produced by a team of art and programming students at the University of Applied Sciences, Salzburg. We are currently working on further levels and content and will keep you up to date here with more trailer stuff, news and other material.

Game is not ready yet, its still called demo (or extended demo). Also fyi game developed by same people who developed Of Light & Shadow (and tbh I’m surprised not to mention that game here (bad me!)).

You can find the game (downloadable) at // – Also captured a small video about game play with lots of lots of mistakes (forgive me I’m sick :P)
Have fun
Balloon Quest

Rest of the Extended Demo (level 2 & 3)

Might and Magic Heroes Online

Hai peeps!

If you are M&M gamer or even a gamer with turn based games you must hear or played this game for once, [iurl=//]Heroes of Might & Magic (HOMAM)[/iurl] base game to this new online game.

First of all game has NDA so no screen shot but some info and a review.

Game still in Closed Beta status and has some latency (server-side) problems which is not a problem to me in this stage of beta. Game is not client based but browser based so its adapted itself to new systematic (we can also wait for mobile versions in the future). If you are a HOMAM gamer, you don’t need to read this review 😛 go // and register and wait your key to come 😀

Game is turn based and not just fight fight fight but also about your castle, you grow your soldiers and other assets here, you need to protect your home as well as fight with enemies do side quests and more…

In the start you can find two faction (for now), Heaven & Necropolis, since the game limiting my hero choosing to one, (new slot is 5000 hero slots), i can’t really help you about other factions even other class. But my lucky guess is, since other Heaven class is Cleric, i guess Necropolis part is dark side of Heaven 😛

as always there are free collectibles in the game, you can find little gold piles and other things free on the ground, but big prize always has its protector so you need to defeat monsters to get big prizes, for example you can find 11 gold on ground alone free. In world you are not alone, this is an online game yes I’m aware but you see other people with you as well, and other’s collection is not effecting you, what i mean is if you see a free (unprotected) gold pile on the ground you & your best buddy can collect it.

You have your own skill tree you can spend points you have via level (one by level for now). No passive for now you can use those skills to effect your own or enemy its up to you ^^.

About battles;

* Normal
* Expert (Council Ranking)
* Heroic (Unlocks at Level 30)

You can choose three type of battles here… Expert battles allows you to get ranked on Council and this means rewards to you (Not get any yet but still too soon) and Of course challenge level increases with each battle level. If you are playing against pure monsters ONLY, battle power (which don’t need explanation) will be the point of your opposition. This means higher it gets tougher they get… But yours is different since you are a hero you can have items on you which gives you power. In battles different to normal systematic your hero also have power to attack (they can’t attack you), you can use spells but if you are out of mana you can always use your “heroic strike” (I’m Heaven > Knight and since our other hero is cleric i guess it has healing skill).

Co-OP is here! Some battle’s are different than the others 😛 (Reminds me Morrissey’s some girls are bigger than others song ^^), here is the deal you can go harder on boss fights and you can pick someone with you!

Battle’s using old hex method, and that means you can move your soldiers’ slot by slot. This picture (screenshot) released by game developers itself so there is no harm to put it here.

Source: //

Game offering you limited story for a day (wut?), you have a special mana type thing (Action Points) and every battle (related to story line) lowers it, and you can replenish it only end of the day!

Yeap! you have a lovely castle, you can do things there like recruiting new members for your army and your castle, as i said before you need to protect your own and you can place some people into your castle. It has limits but better than nothing right 😉

I don’t want to give spoiler about story so I’m not writing about them…