Glyph, New Home for All Trionworld Games

Today got a mail from Trionworlds, says Glyph is now ready for action. I was first noticed the Glyph as SSO (Single Sign-On) for Trionworlds and they didn’t prove me wrong 😛

Glyph is the app for PC allows you to manage games you own/play published/developed by Trionworlds. But one thing in mail halted me for a second says “And many more titles from independent & global studios coming in the months ahead!”

Does this mean we are going to have a new Steam/Origin like platform? That’s a question we must ask to Trionworlds.

You can find Glyph here

Can Mantle be the new hero of Linux?

I’ll be honest here, I’m not a hardcore hardware/software person. But one thing is clear for me, DirectX12. 

We know Mantle is released for HD7xxx series & Rx Series, so that means old GPU’s won’t get this tech. As well as Intel/Nvidia based PCs. That means Mantle is not a very popular option for all game producers. Please be aware, and don’t mix just becasue EA/BF4 has support for Mantle doesn’t mean whole industry going to jump on Mantle. Mantle is an extra work load for the companies those are well known stuff and I don’t really want to talk about those things.

I’m interested in more different area, Linux… small history you’ll remember; After Windows refused Steam to be their core gaming app (Messenger > Skype). They felt so bad and want to get revenge, their first step was moving Steam to Linux and do tests on it (you can find Steamed Penguins on internet). After those first steps (which gave up to 20% more performance according to steam people) they decided to move forward and started to work on SteamOS. Now we officially have a gaming OS in our world. But surely Steam is not limiting its Linux adventure to SteamOS and want to make Linux the gaming base. This clearly gives AMD a big area to work on, Mantle in Linux. Clearly if you did some research about it, you can see there is no planned Mantle support in Linux. Can we count this as a mistake? or should we say Steam is not gonna change the line to Linux?

Its a big question and its unlikely I can answer it today. But surely if Mantle goes into Linux area, it would be game changer for all… My theory is kinda simple.

If Mantle supports Linux, Linux will have a very powerful API for gaming. This attracts gamers to linux area, shifting linux means no-Windows cost. You nearly get rid of 120/200 (Windows8.1/Pro)$ – this money either can be splitted to hardware or to your pocket and if half of this money moved to hardware (lets say only GPU), this means more income for AMD and more funding for Mantle & its supported games.

But still this is just a theory… and under the circumstances of DX12 is going to be supported by 80% of total GPU in the gaming market, you won’t be getting all those virgins you want.

I find this post very nice for further reading about DX12 vs Mantle