Humble Flash Re-Bundle: Simulators

I saw this tab bit before, and I knew there was a daily bundles. Today's bundle (or this weeks flash bundle), is Simulators. About the games in this bundle, I played some of them. Agricultural Sim (Farming Sim), Trainz Sim, ETS.

I must say ETS in bundles are lame, because we already see lots of flash sales/bundles of ETS2 which is getting lots of updates from their developers, and yet they keep promising they are going to do more! I don't suggest ETS to players very old and left behind game. So if you are looking for a Truck Simulator, go directly for a Euro Truck Simulator 2 (If you are looking for little bit different Truck Sim. experience try Scania Truck Simulator, either you can buy Scania Truck Sim. on Steam or go for ETS2 Collector's Bundle, which also I have to say you can find on BundleStars.

I love trains, and its related games. I'm also good ETS2 player, I even wait sometimes to train come & pass on railroad passes 🙂 but this game giving me poor execution of train mechanic. Very fast stopping trains under heavy loads etc… Not even close to Train Simulator 2014 (yea I know that game does not the best but still…), past bundles i collected lots of Trainz games (DLCs) but didn't like any of them! So I don't recommend that game too.

Farming simulators maybe the only worthy games in this bundle (I played), nice mechanic to keep you in game, some planing maybe some country music? There you are… now you have a life even Bob Ross (R.I.P.) want to paint.

You can get more info about games via YouTube ofc or fast info comes from their steam page.


AMD Catalyst™ 14.7 RC Driver for Windows® Operating System

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  • Assassin’s Creed IV – improved CrossFire scaling (3840×2160 High Settings) up to 93%
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Feature Highlights of the AMD Catalystâ„¢ 14.6 RC Driver for Windows

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    Humble 2K Bundle

    This is the second time I’m having this WTF moment from Humble 😛 first one from surely Humble Origin Bundle…

    Gaming is good, we enjoy it every moment but Humble is different in my hearth, they are allowing us to help the world. Not gonna lie those games are awesome… I played most of them but I want to play again & again 🙂

    Bundle offers 3 unlock points

    1) Pay whatever you want (1$ min) and you’ll get:

    2) Beat the score 7.47$ (which is increasing it was 5$ when i first look)

    3) Up level 20$

    and look something more (laterz!)

    Bonus: First person writes under this topic will get the key of The Darkness II