Fake CS:GO Lounge Phishes Steam Creds, Drops Malware

We recently flagged a misspelled URL of a domain claiming to be the real CS:GO Lounge, a highly popular site where Steam users can trade in or bid on items specifically for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and place bets on group stage matches. Below is the URL in question:


Just like any other phishing campaign, the fake page appears much like the real one, with noticeable differences that I’d pointed out below:

  • The real CS:GO Lounge (csgolounge.com) page has an ad at the right side of the screen just below its social network links.
  • The real Lounge only has file (5) menu options at the right-hand site, specifically Forum, Reddit, User’s guide, Rules, and Contact. The fake Lounge has an extra option, which is Bot status.
  • The real Lounge has a Search feature at the top of the page.

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About The Site


I'm sure not everyone read or find this important but I still care to give information to people visit this site time to time from different reasons.
I started this site in 2009, which was a proud moment for me, this site was my first owned site, I contributed lots of different sites back in time. I never had high hopes for this site. I always find this site as joy place to create small community about games, gamers etc… Site has its good days, I can't say it has bad days well sure being dead site is bad but we never had poor reputation (or none :P), never called bad or troll…

After starting university (2011) first year I didn't have a internet connection on dorm. Then got my own 3G module to do things around, but due to nature of 3G module, I had limited connection so I wasn't really downloading new games like before and test – write reviews about it. Since I'm staying dormitory, they provided us connection which was a good moment at first but soon we find out people have more interest in downloading stuff rather than having stable connection… bla bla! πŸ™‚

Years passing I started get interested in my loved software Simple Machines Forum (I was translator there for such time). I joined team as Localizer then become Marketing and started helping Development in some ways. I can clearly say gaming is fun but University is more fun, in terms of friendship and research basis. I moved away from online gaming and started to play offline games more. People founded this site (or started) left here, we still have some good friends around but they are truly busy with real life. Good people great gamers, good friends I can call.
Site went to “dead” period, I checked site daily I can say, to keep spammers away. Even I can't post new things here, I don't allow spammers turn this site into link-back place. I used this place to experiment new things. As you can notice site currently running SMF 2.1 Beta 1, and theme created by me named Lunarfall (pre-released). I didn't find any in-stability its running fine enough. πŸ™‚ (Another page lets skip it).
So future; site will probably stay online as much as I live. But can't promise about reborn, this year is my final year in the university… I'm studying for Academic Staff exam, foreign language exam which both needed for me to enter Masters' degree and become Academic Staff. I'm also writing final thesis about Electronic (Virtual) Banking (most likely release the PDF if university allows me, under Open Source license).

Take good care
Stuff happens game goes on πŸ™‚

Windows 10 Build 9926 / 10041 – AMD Card Issues – Error: 43

Before starting everything! You should know, Windows Update (WU) gives BROKEN drivers for your AMD mobility card (probably for normals as well). So do not run WU unless you see security update.

There are different ways to break your system but no worries MS will do it for you πŸ˜› lets skip that part and start with other stuff.

Step 1: Uninstall things
This is your very basic step to uninstall things from your PC, you can either use normal uninstaller provided by MS (Control Panel) or you can download solutions like Iobit Uninstaller. After uninstalling both Intel & AMD drivers from your system. Jump to Step 2;

Step 2: Uninstall things completely!
What you need?
– DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller): //www.wagnardmobile.com/DDU/ddudownload.htm

This product probably one of the best cleaner in the market, for GPU drivers. For past times when I was testing AMD's beta drivers, this little fella saved me dozens of times when things get bad πŸ˜› I hope it'll also save you as well.

NOTE: You need Safe Boot

This is important to make DDU work at full power (and access level) you need to use that program in safe boot. If you don't know how to boot your PC in safe mode read following or skip it.

To safe boot your PC,
– Either open start menu and type MSConfig or use Windows + R and type MSConfig.
– Go boot tab and select Safe Boot (Minimal is recommended).
– Reboot your PC

Now you are ready for DDU, on drop you can select Intel and AMD but use clean and do not reboot option for first πŸ˜› After cleaning those leftovers now you are ready for drivers.

Intel Drivers: //downloadcenter.intel.com/
AMD Drivers: //support.amd.com/en-us/download
Mobile AMD: //support.amd.com/en-us/download/mobile?os=Windows+8.1+-+64

First install Intel drivers, reboot then install AMD drivers. After installing Intel drivers that probably work but if its not don't worry install AMD drivers, the thing here, Windows may try to install basic drivers for your AMD Cards. Just ignore and install your AMD drivers. Do one final reboot you'll have fully working drivers πŸ™‚

Before ending; Since I'm AMD user, I don't have Nvidia card, if you have similar problem you can try this solution for Nvidia card(s) as well. This is not an AMD exclusive solution. You just need to change AMD drivers with your Nvidia drivers. I suggest getting GPU drivers from Nvidia, AMD and Intel's sites not from your notebook's producer. I'm a Samsung NP350V5C-S09TR user, that's maybe exclusive πŸ˜› to Samsung but I never get Windows 8.1 drivers and drivers supplied for Windows 8 (WiFi) gave BSoD on Windows 10 while all other drivers (none of others got from Samsung's site or its app called SWUpdate) I got working properly. Now I'm getting my drivers from producers of components.