I see a Miracle ! – Sunwell – Tavern Brawl


This week's brawl is 10 mana hit me baby one more time… So here is my (bit edited deck) to you… I don't have some cards here or have one not two. Have fun

Sunwell – Brawl by Gnoll
Class: Rogue

Rogue (24)
Backstab x2
Preparation x2
Cold Blood x2
Conceal x2
Deadly Poison x2
Sinister Strike x2
Blade Flurry x2
Shiv x2
Fan of Knives
Tinker's Sharpsword Oil x2
Assassin's Blade x2

Neutral (6)
Southsea Deckhand x2
Stonetusk Boar x2
Arcane Golem x2

Why backstab ? Actually its an activator, well can backfire because your opponent may not have minion on board. So you can replace one Backstab with Auctioneer, so you'll become real Miracle 😛

Conceal is also some hidden important card because you may not have 30 damage in one turn and your minions are mostly 1 or 2 HP, you don't have big chance against anything. So Conceal is here for saving it.

Sap & Vanish each added by one because they are here for save you for a turn or two. So you won't get fatal damage or your buffed minions won't get stolen.

To counter this deck either use some taunts 😛 or keep Loatheb