Unreal 4 Remake of Westfall (Early Build)

While you continue questing as Human, this is the pretty much next place you find yourself questing… Nothing fancy here to see a desert and broken harvesting golems… Defias traitors 😛 etc… Surely this is the second video Daniel shared with us (public)…


Sub: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCArpkO2EHTfYLL9Gzxt-HFg/feed

Unreal 4 Remake of Elwynn Forest (Early Build)

If you ever played this game, you know this place one or twice you passed here… Now its time to see it in Unreal Engine 4, I'm stunned by the graphics and art made by Daniel L. Amazing!


Sub: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCArpkO2EHTfYLL9Gzxt-HFg/feed

Playfire a new way to track games

Most of us like to track their gaming in total, well Steam does this for us for retail games or games on steam but how about other games ? Mostly MMOs or even browser based games. Early times at least when i started to play/track games there was a holy ultimate Xfire, then we see Raptr came into our lives then both are gone! as you know Xfire shut its client side and its now only working as Tournament site.

I don't even want to talk about Raptr, you can do some research about why people left that place for good shall say?

Now a new kid on block, Playfire is a web-powered client mostly, it doesn't have too much offline data/collecting its doing its job via web-APIs. This is maybe good maybe bad thing because when you navigate to “My Games” section, its redirecting/logging to Green Man Gaming site/account and only showing the games you bought there.

You can create your wishlist on Playfire and add your friends, win rewards from events. Steam login bonus currently is 0.50£ – You can spend that money on Green Man Gaming so no cash to your pocket still win to me.
https://www.playfire.com/ || https://www.playfire.com/Antes

Fake CS:GO Lounge Phishes Steam Creds, Drops Malware

We recently flagged a misspelled URL of a domain claiming to be the real CS:GO Lounge, a highly popular site where Steam users can trade in or bid on items specifically for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and place bets on group stage matches. Below is the URL in question:


Just like any other phishing campaign, the fake page appears much like the real one, with noticeable differences that I’d pointed out below:

  • The real CS:GO Lounge (csgolounge.com) page has an ad at the right side of the screen just below its social network links.
  • The real Lounge only has file (5) menu options at the right-hand site, specifically Forum, Reddit, User’s guide, Rules, and Contact. The fake Lounge has an extra option, which is Bot status.
  • The real Lounge has a Search feature at the top of the page.

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