The Grand Tournament – Next Expension of Hearthstone

So live steam is done… We watched some lovely games Trump – Amaz – Firebat played their best and congratz to Firebat for getting the wins there.
We saw dozens of card in the game not listed or played… One of them was a Hunter card costs 6 mana and summons 3 x Webspinner
So far revealed cards by Blizzard in its site which you can find here

Not only cards but Blizzard also revealed a new playground (battleground or whichever you call it), with some secrets in it 0.o

[img width=650 height=389]//[/img]

As its told in stream (you may missed or didn't watch or just reading this then going to watch it), there is a new keyword. Its called “inspire”, since Argent Tournament is all about heroes inspire is all about doing things based on your hero power.
Final words for this topic will be there is going to be a 130 new cards in this expansion…and a trailer to watch 😛 enjoy it!